Memoirs of A Movie Palace

While I was researching the Loew’s Kings Theatre , I came across a documentary called “Memoirs of A Movie Palace.”  Directed by Christian Blackwood , the film was released in 1979 and detailed the history of the Kings.  The following is a clip featuring designer Harold W. Rambusch discussing the interior of the theater.

6 thoughts on “Memoirs of A Movie Palace

  1. Thanks so much for posting this!!! Do you have the entire film? Do you know where I might be able to purchase a copy? I have been looking for this film since after it came out. The most heartrending piece is the Robert Morton organ playing while the broken marquee flashes on and off. Remember this film very well. Also remember the interview with the matron: “the kids would throw the popcorn….”

    • I do have the entire film, but I was given a copy. I posted this clip because I loved that they brought the man who designed the interior of the Kings back to talk about it after it closed.

      • Hi Matt,
        I was involved in Save The Kings back in the 80’s, and our team persuaded the City to repair the roof after significant damage occurred. My copy of Memoirs of a Movie Palace is a very deteriorated VHS tape. Do you know how I could obtain a copy or is there a chance you might post additional clips onto Youtube?
        Mark Bender
        Thanks for posting this gem. Mark

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  3. Matt-
    I represent the developers of the Kings Theatre and was hoping you could email me to discuss this film and how it might help the project during the redevelopment process. Thank you!

  4. After years, I recently obtained a DVD copy of Memoirs of A Movie Palace so, if anyone “out there
    ” is trying to obtain it now is your chance!

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