Loew's State Theatre New Orleans, LA

Loew’s State Theatre New Orleans, LA

“I find Matt’s photographs very powerful and very sad.  These dream palaces had a brief heydey compared to the great cathedrals and castles of the middle ages, but they share the same sort of grandeur, even in decay.  There’s a strange beauty here. ” – George RR Martin

“In a new book called After the Final Curtain, architectural photographer Matt Lambros has chronicled over 90 forgotten movie theatres across the US.” – BBC News

“Brooklyn-based photographer Matt Lambros has traveled the country capturing images of these once-grand, now-abandoned and weather-beaten theaters for nearly a decade. ” –

“Matt Lambros provided the Daily News with the stunning pictures he shot during his 2011 tour.” – New York Daily News

“Luckily for the rest of us, photographer Matt Lambros got into the theater itself earlier this year and has posted some gorgeous photographs on his site After the Final Curtain.” – Gothamist

“Matt Lambros, a Williamsburg, Brooklyn, photographer, traces his fascination with abandoned spaces to the influence of his grandmother, who would take him to visit abandoned barns when he was growing up in Beekman, N.Y., outside Poughkeepsie.”  New York Times

“Photographer Matt Lambros has been visiting the great abandoned movie theaters across our country for his documentary project After the Final Curtain. He shared his images from inside Brooklyn’s Kings Theater and the faded opulence is breathtaking.”  Gawker

“Gawker has posted a breathtaking gallery of shots from abandoned Brooklyn movie palace Kings Theater by Matt Lambros, a photographer who’s currently at work on a documentary about America’s ghost cinemas.” Flavorwire

“Photographer Matt Lambros recently had the opportunity to check out the interior of the Shore Theater and the resulting photographs explain the hoopla.” – Huffington Post

“Lambros’ gorgeous photos imbue these now-hidden places with a shred of habitability…even if all the seats have been torn to shreds.” Io9

“Urban Ghosts is delighted to announce the launch of photographer Matt Lambros’ stunning new website, After the Final Curtain, and accompanying blog.  Collectively, Matt’s photographs rank among the most vivid and evocative images of abandoned theatres, hospitals and other deserted buildings, anywhere on the internet.” Urban Ghosts Media

“What is it about abandoned places that draws our interest and opens our imaginations? An empty, disused building simply seems to beckon passers-by, tempting us to step inside and take a look at what happens to structures once humans leave them behind. Photographer Matt Lambros heeds that call, exploring and photographing these mysterious empty spaces. His incredible photographs express all of the history, loneliness and hope that are inherent in abandoned places.”  Weburbanist

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