Everett Square Theatre – Boston, MA

Have you ever wanted to photograph an abandoned theater?

I’ve been traveling around the country photographing historic theaters and using my images to raise awareness of their plight for almost 10 years now.

One of the most common questions I get about my work is “Can I come with you?” So, I reached out to some theater owners and finally the answer to the question is “Yes, you can.” I have co-hosted some workshops in the past and through those we raised over $10,000 to help with maintenance and other expenses. However, these are solo workshops, which means that more money will be going to the owners to help the theaters. While the money from these workshops will never be enough to save a theater, but every little bit helps.

There are three workshops planned so far. I’ll be adding more dates and locations throughout the year. I hope to see some of you at one of these fantastic spaces.

Everett Square Theatre – Boston, MA.

Everett Square Theatre

Location: Boston, MA


TBA Fall 2018

The Theatre: The Everett Square Theatre opened in 1915 in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. It was designed by Boston architect Harry M. Ramsay for the Littlefield Trust, the original owner of the theater. For more information visit:

Cost: $35.00


Paramount Theatre – Springfield, MA.

Paramount Theatre –

Co-hosted with Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America

Location:  Springfield, MA


TBA Fall 2018

The Theatre: The Paramount Theater (also known as the Julia Sanderson Theater and The Hippodrome) opened in 1926. Built at a cost of $1 million (13 million when adjusted for inflation) it was the most ornate theater in western Massachusetts. The Paramount closed in 2011 after being used as a nightclub for a few years. It is currently scheduled to undergo a renovation next year and reopen as a performing arts center.

Cost: $125.00


View of the Variety Theatre from the balcony.

Variety Theatre – Co-hosted with Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America

Location:  Cleveland, Ohio


TBA 2019

The Theatre: The Variety Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio originally opened on November 24, 1927 in the Jefferson neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. It operated on the Variety Amusement Company circuit before being sold to Warner Brothers in 1929. Warner Brothers ran the theater until 1954 when it was sold to Wargo Realty for $500,000, one of the largest real estate sales involving a theater since the great depression. The Variety was last used as a wrestling gym called the Cleveland Wrestleplex before closing for good in the late 1980s.

Cost: $125.00



Grand Theatre Steubenville, OH

Grand Theatre Workshop

Location: Steubenville, Ohio


TBA Fall 2018

The Theatre: The Grand Theatre building was built in 1885 by German immigrant Jacob Griesinger, Sr. in Steubenville, Ohio.  It originally housed a saloon, restaurant and livery stables. In 1924, the building was taken over by Charles, Edward, Howard and William Biggio. The four brothers had the stables torn down and constructed the Grand Theatre auditorium in its place. In 2010 the theater was purchased by the Grand Theatre Restoration Project who plan to restore and renovate the theater into a performing arts center and museum. For more information visit:

Cost: $50.00



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