Memoirs of A Movie Palace

While I was researching the Loew’s Kings Theatre , I came across a documentary called “Memoirs of A Movie Palace.”  Directed by Christian Blackwood , the film was released in 1979 and detailed the history of the Kings.  The following is a clip featuring designer Harold W. Rambusch discussing the interior of the theater.


Loew’s Kings Theatre

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View of the auditorium from the balcony.
View of the auditorium from the balcony.


Loew’s Kings Theatre opened on September 7, 1929 in Brooklyn, NY, and was designed by the architectural firm of Rapp and Rapp (also known for the Paramount Theater in Times Square) and decorated by Harold W. Rambush.  It was operated by the Loew’s theaters chain, and, along with the Loew’s Jersey Theatre, Loew’s Paradise Theatre, the Loew’s Valencia Theatre and the Loew’s 175th Street Theatre, it was one of the five “Loew’s Wonder Theaters” in the New York metropolitan area.

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