Sattler Theatre

a close up of the front of the Sattler Theater now known as the Broadway Theater

The front of the Sattler Theatre

The Sattler Theatre opened in 1914 and was built on a site that had been used for other theaters in the past.  The Sattler Theatre was comissioned by John G. Sattler, the founder of Sattler’s, a local Buffalo department store.  It was designed by architect Henry L. Span,  who designed many of Buffalo’s theaters, including the North Park Theatre, which is still in use.

Main floor of the Sattler Theatre

The main level of the Sattler Theatre

The 928 seat Sattler opened as a movie theater — it did not have a stage area. In 1920 the theater changed hands and was renamed the Broadway Theatre.  Soon after the sale the new owners installed a Marr & Colton 2-manual organ.

View from where the stage would be in the Sattler Theatre

View from the front of the theater

The theater closed in the early 60’s and reopened as Muhammad’s Mosque 23 until it was purchased by God’s Holy Temple church.  It was used for various religious services until it closed again in 1996.

The ticket booth of the sattler theater

The ticket booth was painted purple when the theater was in use as a church

In 2008, the building was purchased for $40,000 by the Western New York Minority Media Professionals who intend to renovate the building for use as a multi-purpose theater.

A divider wall was built to separate the balcony from the main floor.

A beam of sunlight shines through the dome in the center of the theater

Projector booth of the Sattler theater

All of the equipment has been stripped from the projector booth

The exterior of the theater

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