After the Final Curtain 7 Year Anniversary Giveaway

Cover for After the Final Curtain; the Fall of the American Movie Theater.

I had been photographing forgotten theaters for a few years before I launched this site, but we just passed the 7 year anniversary of my first post. So to celebrate I’m giving away two signed copies of my first book, After the Final Curtain: The Fall of the American Movie Theater. 

To enter just follow my twitter account: and retweet any image I tweet during the next week.

If you don’t have a twitter account, just comment on this post to enter. Good Luck!

23 thoughts on “After the Final Curtain 7 Year Anniversary Giveaway

    • The pipes are still in the theater, and I’ve heard the console is too, but I haven’t ventured under the stage to see if it’s down there. Maybe I will the next time I visit that theater.

  1. A most fascinating hobby and a topic I can never get enough of. I love to absorb the detail in the (enlarged) photos you post, a tribute to the amazing craftsmanship of a bygone era. Keep sending us stuff to ogle!

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MATT! Keep up your enjoyable good work documenting these fine theatre buildings. I still always wonder how big the stage areas are, but I’d rather not has you fall though the floor.

  3. Hi Matt,
    Love your website! Nothing gets me more than the chance to see the glimmer of beauty that always seems to remain and is in hiding in these old theaters. Tugs at my heart that we can’t save them all. Glad you are documenting them though. Excited to see the book give-away and I too am not a tweeter, so thanks for allowing us non-tweeters to enter by commenting here!

  4. Matt, I’m living in a rural wheat town of about 1,300 people and we have a beautiful old theater here that some of us are so excited to renovate and restore. Blogs and books like yours give me hope and inspiration. Thank you for all you do to keep this passion and enthusiasm alive!

  5. Hi Matt – Have stumbled upon your website whilst looking for ‘Final Curtain’ songs – eg the wonderful Bobby Darin singing ‘The Curtain Falls’. I live in the UK – Ashford, Kent – where people are crying out for a theatre in our town.
    There have been attempts over the years to persuade local Council to assist in the acquisition of a site to provide one but no joy – they have no ‘live theatre appreciation’ in their soul. Actually – I doubt they have any soul at all. There are theatres in other towns but we’d like one of our own. I could weep for the beautiful buildings in your photographs and the realisation that I am now of an age when I shall sadly never see a local theatre come to fruition. As a post script to the idea – and keeping fit is very much on the menu these days – a tip in a newspaper says “Watching a live theatre performance can stimulate your cardiovascular system to the same extent as doing 28 minutes of healthy cardiovascular exercise, according to a new study.” For me, just to walk into the entrance of a theatre in anticipation of a live performance is better than any tonic – and looking at the abandoned theatres – I wonder what ghosts are playing out their scenes still. I love your pictures – (I’m not on Twitter).
    Keep up the good work

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