Book Giveaway

Pantheon Theatre Vincennes, Indiana

Pantheon Theatre Vincennes, Indiana

Hi Everyone! I’m giving away two copies of my book, “After the Final Curtain: The Fall of the American Movie Theater”, on the After the Final Curtain Facebook page. All you have to do is like, share or comment on any new post in the next week. I’ll announce the winners on Facebook on December 15th.

If you don’t have a Facebook account – just comment on this post to enter!


19 thoughts on “Book Giveaway

  1. Even if I dont win the book I do plan on purchasing. You do great work and we met at a lecture in Bklyn a few years ago!

  2. I bought the book and find it beautiful and sad. Images are fabulous and the book, itself, is well made. Friends who have seen it love it.

  3. I recently ordered the book so I can be skipped as a winner. But wanted to leave a comment. Love this web site and the photos. I am a huge movie fan and have an extensive library of film, tape and disk, so naturally I would have some passion for the theaters. I especially like the photos of the projection rooms and the old equipment left behind. I wish there were more of those kind of photos. It’s too bad the multi-screen theaters killed off the one huge screen theaters, I feel that’s the reason so many theaters are in this condition today.

    • Thank you Edward! You should be getting your copy in the next few days. I shipped it out the same day you ordered it. There are a lot of reasons these theaters closed, and the rise of the multiplex is one of them. If you enjoy the book please consider reviewing it on Amazon or Goodreads!

  4. My farther worked in the theater business his whole life and watch these places close one after the other. I myself worked as s usher in many of these places. My biggest dream was to buy one and reopen it but it did not happen. I would love to be involved in some way to this business again. I have a million stories about them.

  5. As a Motion Picture Archivist I really enjoy your work. And since many of the buildings are torn down after you have photographed them, you do a great service preserving what is still extant for future generations to view.

  6. I very much enjoy the website and photos. While I know that the economics make it unlikely that many of the places you visit will ever be restored to their former glory, it’s good to have a record that they were there.

    • I agree, and that’s part of why this site exists. It is unfortunate that the majority of places I’ve photographed will not be restored, but the ones that have (the Kings in Brooklyn, and the Lyric in Birmingham), have bright futures.

  7. Great holiday spirit from a man who has a clear vision of the importance of the vanishing movie palace and the significance of visual documentation. These imaginatively designed buildings speak volumes about American history, sociology and mindset.

  8. Your book has drawn me back to the marquee of the Adams Theatre in Newark and the Branford across the street. Both Theatre’s cry out for restoration as your book documents, but I am afraid that none of the powers that be in Newark, NJ are listening. Newark has for 50 years been recovering from the rust belt and the riots, but lacks imagination and daring. Demolition is the theme here, not renewal.

  9. Got your book for Christmas after asking for it. Wonderful photography! I noticed on your site that you recently went to the Carolina Theater in Charlotte, NC. There is also a Carolina Theater in Greensboro, NC that is fully operational representing the classic theater.

    Great work Matt!

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