Prospect Theatre, Brooklyn, NY

Prospect Theatre, Brooklyn, NY


Is this thing on? I’m happy to announce that the hiatus is over! I’ve reached a point with the book (more on that soon, I promise) where I can start making regular updates to the site once again. The first post goes live tomorrow and will be familiar to those of you who follow AtFC on Facebook – The Prospect Theatre in Brooklyn, NY.


4 thoughts on “Return

  1. Love your post. I wish they would redo the proctors in Troy, NY Was once a great place to go to see movies and live shows plus in the early years they had Christmas shows for kids. And Santa would give out stockings with candy and little gifts in them .Its a shame everyone who had it did nothing to bring it back.

    • Last I heard there is still some hope for the Proctor’s Troy. The current owners would like to see it renovated, and are willing to work with anyone who has the funds to do so. They’ve already renovated the offices located in the front of the building.

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