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Proctor’s Palace Roof Theatre

March 30, 2011
View of the stage from the main floor
Main level of Proctor’s Palace Roof Theatre

Located on the top of Proctor’s Palace Theatre, Proctor’s Palace Roof Theatre also opened on November 22, 1915.  The Palace was originally used for smaller vaudeville productions before switching over to film at around the same time as its downstairs counterpart.

Clouds hang down proctor's palace roof theatre
Clouds block the view of the stage

After the switch, the Roof Theatre was rarely used and eventually reopened in the early 1960s as the Penthouse Cinema, mainly showing foreign films like Ingmar Bergman’s “Secrets of Women.”

Backstage Proctor's Palace Roof Theater
The stage is littered with debris from curtains and stage lights that have fallen to the ground.

Unfortunately, The Penthouse Cinema wasn’t active for long. The Cinema closed in 1968 after the infamous Newark riots damaged the reputation of the once-respected city.

View of the stage from the main floor

Proctor's palace roof auditorium

Clouds on the ceiling Proctor's Palace Roof Theatre
Clouds were painted on pieces of sheer fabric to give the theater an atmospheric feel

Ropes behind the stage at Proctor's Palace Roof Theatre

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