London Theatres


Hi Everyone,

I’m currently in London checking out some of England’s amazing theaters. The picture above is the remnants of the Kingsland Empire Theatre which opened in 1915. It’s located above the Rio Cinema, a smaller art deco theater, that was built inside the Kingsland in 1937.


6 thoughts on “London Theatres

  1. Hi Matt During your UK visit, why not travel north to STOCKPORT, just two hours by train!, to see the 1932 restored art deco PLAZA super cinema and variety theatre. I am a volunteer tour guide and could probably arrange a private guided viewing. and lots of pictures on line, just Google Stockport Plaza photo’s. I’m a CTA member but unfortunately was unable to attend your Saturday event in London.

    Best wishes Nick Taylor Mob 07796 752 651

    • Nick – I was going to head up your way (to Manchester), but had a change of plans unfortunately. I’m definitely going to come back as soon as possible though. Thanks for the invite!

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