Everett Square Theatre Video

I’ve been practicing with my newly acquired drone, and thought that a theater walkthrough might make for an interesting video. So a few days ago I revisited the Everett Square Theatre in Boston, MA to do just that. I think that I’ll be making many more of these videos going forward.


7 thoughts on “Everett Square Theatre Video

  1. Keep up the good work! The drone is a wonderful addition to your photographic skills.

    Please have it turn and shoot the balconies in future videos. I so enjoy your posts!


    • Thanks Paul! I did try and shoot the balcony, but it was too dark to pick anything up. Also, there really isn’t much left up there detail wise. However, I’ll be sure to capture the balconies in other theaters I film with the drone.

  2. Great! I kept wondering what that shadow was – and realized it’s the drone! Liked that.
    (I turned off the music because the images are beauty enough)
    Looking forward to more.

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