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View from the balcony of the Logan Theatre in Philadelphia, PA

Logan Theatre Philadelphia, PA

I’m currently running a poll for my next blog post on the After the Final Curtain Facebook page. The theater that receives the most likes will be the next post on AtFC. Click here to cast your vote!

Madison Theatre Peoria, IL

Uptown Theatre Racine, WI

Majestic Theatre East St. Louis, IL

Auditorium of the Avalon Theatre in Chicago, IL

Avalon/New Regal Theatre Chicago, IL

6 thoughts on “Next Blog Post

  1. Avalon also has my vote. I hope you count it, since I do not want to go to Facebook to take the poll.

    In any case, I find it inspiring that you have taken up the cause for these old, neglected beauties, and so I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

    I am not sure if you have gone through this before, but these are the 3 steps to follow if you choose to accept it:
    1) Backlink to the blogger who gave you the award
    2) Tell us 7 things about yourself that we don’t know yet through your blog
    3) Nominate 15 blogs that inspire you

  2. that Logan theatre in PA looks beautiful, but it doesn’t look like it ever got its own post. Any chance of seeing the rest of those photos? Thanks for a great blog

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