Adams Theatre Newark, NJ

RKO Hamilton Theatre New York, NY

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  1. Matt: I am very moved by these photos which are beautiful, ghastly, melancholy and a link to a very different time in our lives. I have been working on a poem about the Adams Theater and, for several years, have been longing to see what the inside looks like now. I had heard that behind the store that fills what used to the lobby the theater was still recognizable. When I was in Newark in 2010 for the Geraldine Doge Poetry Festival (I was a featured reader) I walked over to Bradford Place to see the outside of the theater. I took a number of my own photos of the remains of the marquee and, while standing there, would have pretty much given anything to have been able to go inside. I have even dreamed of the Adams Theater. In 1962 my mother took me by train from Woodbridge to Newark to see Ben-Hur there and it was one of the most exhilarating events of my young life. I had never been in a theater so beautiful. That this is still there, in all its decaying splendor, is amazing to me. I can’t thank you enough for showing me what I could not see that afternoon I walked from the Robert Treat Hotel to see a piece of my past.

    Ed Romond

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