The Variety Theatre

The Variety is one of the 22 theaters in my new book “After the Final Curtain: The Fall of the American Movie Theater.” Find out more here.

View of the auditorium from the balcony.

The Variety Theatre opened on November 24, 1927 in the Jefferson neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. It was built by Sam Stecker, Meyer Fine and Abe Kramer of the Variety Amusement Company. The 1,900 seat theater was designed in the Spanish gothic style by Cleveland-based architect Nicola Petti, who also designed the nearby Cedar Lee Theatre. The Variety building also included retail space and twelve apartments.

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Road Trip Day 5

A close up of the mural painted above the proscenium arch.

Another day, another state. The Majestic (Uptown) Theatre in Racine, WI opened in 1928. It was designed in a gothic style, which was unusual for theaters. The theater closed in late 1959.